7 a.m. Wake up, walk 30 minutes on the treadmill while watching CNN Headline News

7:30-8:30 Dress, confer with Patti

8:30-9:30 Pre-game meal at Ruby River with team, eat cheese omelet and gravy over biscuits, visit informally with the players

9:30-11:00 Check in at the office, go over last minute plans, go over game plan, make any necessary phone calls

11 a.m. Drive to the stadium

11:30 Pre-game interview with Paul James

11:40 Kickers begin warm-up on the field

11:45 Meet with the officials and declare everyone is dressed according to NCAA safety guidelines, identify team captains, discuss any specific concerns, alert them to any trick plays BYU may be running such as a double pass

11:50 QB's, receivers, DB's begin warm-up on the field

12:10 p.m. Everyone meets in the locker room

12:25 Pre-game prayer

12:30 Team calisthenics on the field

12.35 Individual warm-ups

12:40 Teams tee up against each other

12:50 Everyone back into the locker room

1:00 Gather team together, captains meet in the center of the field for the pre-game toss, team takes the field

1:05 Kickoff!!