I fail to understand why taxpayers should be forced to pay for other people's children to have breakfast. Recently, an article in one of the local newspapers, headlined "Utah falling short on utilizing free school breakfast program," by Lee Davidson and Jennifer Toomer-Cook is, to say the least, mind-boggling.

First of all, it is not free. The $4.6 million (federal support) is taxpayer money. The taxpayers are already paying those low-income families in the form of welfare checks and food stamps. Why not use that to put breakfast on the table for their children? Why do the taxpayers get a double whammy?

One of the problems, according to Laura Oscarson-Wilde (director of children's nutrition programs for the State Office of Education), is that "some communities oppose school breakfast programs." Imagine that! Responsible people taking the responsible course.

And another problem for Oscarson-Wilde is "some low-income families choose to eat breakfast together at home." Imagine that! Responsible, caring and loving parents. However, Oscarson-Wilde seems to think they are the problem. There is something basically wrong with this thinking and the program. Could it be that the federal support keeps a bunch of bureaucrats on the dole as well?

To say the teachers have one hand tied behind their backs because the children haven't had breakfast is just another excuse for the teachers. Teachers had no problem teaching prior to this program. The bottom line is the bureaucrats continue to force their will on us whether we want it or not.

This program should be abolished. The government has no business setting up "soup kitchens" in our public schools.

Vivian DuBois