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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital-

CLAWSON, Kristie and Madison, West Jordan, girl, March 7.ELLIS, Tannen, and COLOSIMO, Joe, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 26.

FLEGAL, Marcia and Mathew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 7.

FORBUSH, Tonya and Dustin, Lehi, girl, March 6.

FRAZIER, Jaclyn and Robert, Tooele, girl, March 6.

LEISHMAN, Amy and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 7.

OSGUTHORPE, Cheri and Stephen, Heber City, boy, March 6.

PAINTER, Kimberly and Michael, West Jordan, girl, March 6.

PETERSON, Marilee and Keith, Midvale, girl, March 6.

TATE, Tina and Dennis, Tooele, girl, March 6.

THOMPSON, Paula, and GORMAN, Tracy, Salt Lake City, girl, March 7.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Anita and Eric, Roy, girl, Feb. 29.

BALAHADIA, Mary and Richard, South Weber, girl, March 3.

CARLSON, Jennifer and Eric, Hill AFB, boy, March 5.

CHRISTENSEN, Jill and Steven, Layton, boy, March 4.

COTTLE, Stephannie and Gordon, Layton, boy, March 1.

EVANS, Mandy and Cole, Clearfield, girl, March 4.

FAULKNER, Ellen and Christopher, Layton, boy, March 3.

HAMALA, Andrea and Tevita Jr., Clinton, girl, Feb. 29.

HAMMER, Andria and Daron, Kaysville, boy, March 2.

HARROLD, Suzanne and Steven, Hill AFB, boy, March 2.

HYDE, Sara and Casey, Ogden, girl, March 3.

KIPPEN, Casey-Jo and Roger, Layton, boy, Feb. 29.

LeCANNON, Andrea, and SHOOP, William Jr., Layton, girl, March 6.

LONGHURST, Candy and Sheldon, Riverdale, girl, March 3.

LYNCH, Sarah and Christopher, Syracuse, boy, March 6.

MUEHRING, April and Phillip, Riverdale, boy, March 2.

NEVILLE, Cindie and Cody, Syracuse, boy, March 1.

OPFAR, Andrea and Thomas, Farmington, girl, March 1.

OWENS, Heather and Carter, Provo, girl, March 6.

PEARSON, Linnea and David, Clearfield, girl, March 4.

PETERSON, Areta and Darren, Kaysville, girl, March 5.

RANDALL, Kellie, and SARGENT, Marcus, Sunset, boy, Feb. 29.

SMITH, Mindy and Bret, Hill AFB, boy, March 3.

STOKER, Rhonda and Wade, Syracuse, girl, Feb. 29.

TARR, Lynne and Kevin, Hill AFB, girl, March 2.

THESEN, Jocelyn and Michael, Layton, girl, March 6.

THOMAS, Stefanie and Arthur, Syracuse, girl, March 6.

WATERS, Robin and Paul, Layton, boy, Feb. 29.

WHITE, Paula and David, Clearfield, girl, March 3.

LDS Hospital-

AMIS, Michele and Kevin, Midvale, girl, March 5.

ANDERTON, Jessie and James, Bountiful, boy, March 6.

ARGULO-JONES, Vanessa, and JONES, Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

BANKS, Amber and Kevin, West Valley City, boy, March 5.

BRYAR, Emily and Stephen, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

BURBIDGE, Shauni and Kirkham, Magna, boy, March 5.

EDMAN, Jami and Blaine, American Fork, boy, March 5.

FORD, Claudette, Salt Lake City, boy, March 6.

HUNTER, Alisha and Jeremy, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 5.

JUDD, Karry and Jacob, Bountiful, girl, March 5.

SMITH, Katherine and Kim, Magna, boy, March 6.

SWEETEN, Lisa and James, Salt Lake City, girl, March 5.

TERRY, Tobi and Anthony, Salt Lake City, boy, March 5.

WADSWORTH, Amy and Jason, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

WINTERS, Caroline and Blaine, Salt Lake City, girl, March 6.

WOOD, Aimee and Jessee, West Jordan, boy, March 6.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

CHUGG, Britta Lee and David, Clinton, boy, March 3.

FLINN, Jody and Edward, Ogden, boy, March 3.

GARCIA, Fawntella, Roy, boy, March 3.

GARCIA, Veronica and Jonathan, Ogden, girl, March 3.

HADLEY, Michiel and Bart, Roy, girl, March 5.

HADLEY, Stacey and Broc, Roy, boy, March 2.

HILL, Paige and Bruce, Roy, boy, March 4.

JENSEN, Heather and Matthew, Ogden, boy, March 1.

KUNZ, Jeanette and Nicholas, Ogden, girl, Feb. 28.

LINFORD, Wendy and Steven, Ogden, boy, March 5.

NEUBERT, Lisa and Reed, South Ogden, boy, March 3.

NORMAN, Elizabeth and Russell, Brigham City, girl, March 5.

RIOS, Josefa and Antonio, Ogden, girl, Feb. 29.

SMITH, Jennifer and Joseph, Ogden, boy, March 5.

SPARKS, Jennifer and Justin, Layton, girl, March 1.

University Hospital-

ACOSTA, Rosa and Vincent, Kearns, boy, Feb. 24.

BARALDI-JUNKINS, Carole abd Edward Jr., Salt Lake City, boy, Feb. 20.

BURKE, Kimberly, Magna, boy, Feb. 24.

CASE, Jerilyn, and BELNAP, Michael, Salt Lake City, twins, two boys, Feb. 24.

FELIX, Sandy, and EMYARA, Arjen, Taylorsville, boy, Feb. 25.

GILILLAND, Bonnie, Salt Lake City, boy, Feb. 20.

HORMAN, Janis and Sidney, Murray, boy, Feb. 25.

KOWALCXYK, Alina and Jacek, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 20.

LIMONTA, Dorothy, and ROLLE, Ted, Salt Lake City and Indianapolis, Ind., twins, two boys, Feb. 25.

MARTINEZ, Anapola, and REYNA, Valentine, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 24.

SEDILLO, Kelma and Brandon, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 25.

TALLAMN, Julie and Troy, Heber City, boy, Feb. 22.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ATWOOD, Heather, Orem, girl, March 1.

BATEMAN, Kylee and Shayne, Springville, girl, Feb. 29.

BLISS, Lindsey and Jason, Provo, girl, Feb. 29.

BOWSER, Robin and Robert, Orem, girl, March 1.

BRADLEY, Anne and Randy, Springville, girl, March 1.

BROWNING, Jana Lyn and Eric, Mapleton, boy, March 1.

CHIDESTER, Melanie and Todd, Cedar Hills, boy, March 2.

CLARKE, Devan, and CONDER, Eddy, Lehi, girl, March 2.

COLTON, Jackie and Trenton, Mapleton, girl, March 1.

DAY, April and David, Provo, boy, March 2.

DEMARTINI, Sharae and Eugene, Provo, boy, Feb. 29.

DUNSTON, Kellie and Patrick, Provo, boy, Feb. 28.

GILLESPIE, Marsha and Darren, Orem, girl, Feb. 29.

HORLACHER, Stephanie and Kory, Orem, girl, March 1.

HUNSAKER, Robyn and Trevor, Orem, girl, Feb. 28.

ILSLEY, Stacy and Charles, Orem, girl, Feb. 29.

JEWKES, Shannon and Jason, Ferron, Emery County, girl, March 1.

JIM, Jeannette, and HARDY, Jeremy, Provo, boy, March 1.

JOHN, Paula and Cameron, Santaquin, girl, Feb. 28.

JOHNSON, Angalynn and Donald, Spanish Fork, girl, Feb. 28.

KENNEDY, Claudia and Uriah, Provo, boy, Feb. 29.

KING, Annie and Gregory, Spanish Fork, boy, Feb. 28.

LAMB, Angela and Shane, Springville, girl, Feb. 29.

LEWIS, Teresa, and HARWARD, Jeffrey, Payson, girl, March 1.

LYMAN, Pamela and Matthew, Provo, boy, Feb. 29.

McKay, Katherine, and SWENDSEN, Davin, Spanish Fork, boy, March 1.

NORTON, Steffanie and Corey, Provo, boy, March 1.

PACKER, Stacey and James, Spanish Fork, boy, March 1.

PIERCE, Katherine and Randall, Provo, girl, March 1.

ROCHA, Misty and Anthony, Orem, boy, Feb. 28.

RONEY, Nancy and Blake, Provo, boy, March 1.

SEDIVY, Allyse and Patrick, Spanish Fork, boy, Feb. 28.

SORENSON, Nichole and Derek, Springville, twins, two girls, Feb. 29.

SPENCE, Tiffany and Paul, Provo, girl, Feb. 28.

ST. VINCENT, Erin and Daniel, Provo, boy, Feb. 28.

STARTUP, Jennifer and Dane, Provo, girl, Feb. 28.

SWAPP, Bonnie and Spencer, Mt. Pleasant, girl, Feb. 29.

TAGATAULI, Annie-Leah Noah, Provo, girl, Feb. 29.

TONKS, Shelley and Bruce, Spanish Fork, boy, March 1.

WHITE, Shannon and Timothy, Orem, girl, March 1.

YOCHIM, Elna and Jonathan, Provo, boy, Feb. 29.