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Injury fails to put kibosh on 'NSync skit

'NSync's Lance Bass suffered a sprained ankle while rehearsing a skit for Saturday Night Live last week.

Yes, the good-boys of the boy groups were going over a little ditty called "Seven Degrees Celsius" -- an obvious slam against rival boy group 98° -- when Bass felt something "go" when he took a wrong step.An MRI taken on Monday revealed no fractures.

Regardless of the pain, Bass knew that the show must go on. And 'NSync did the skit live from New York on Saturday Night.

'NSYNC'S TOAST: Speaking of 'NSync, did anyone hear about Bass's French toast?

The 'NSync singer who's been nursing a wounded ankle since Saturday told MTV that his French toast sold for $1,025 during an eBay online auction.

The slab of bread, which was auctioned off by New York radio station Z100, was bought by fan Kathy Summers, 19, who is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. Her reason for forking out the cash?

"I just wanted a piece of them."

Relax, there is a bright side to this story.

Summers' purchase made her a friend of the group. 'NSync's management offered her free tickets and a guest pass for the Minnesota or Illinois concert later this month. And a matching donation from Z100, will be donated to 'NSync's favorite charity.

Still, one wonders why Summers would even think of paying more than $1,000 for a piece of egg-dipped toast. She should have offered to pay Bass' medical bill.

Then again, maybe that wouldn't have gotten her back-stage passes.

HARD RAP: More violence in the Rap/Hip Hop world was reported Sunday morning.

Rap star Da Brat got involved with an altercation at an Atlanta night club last week. The following Sunday, five people were injured in a drive-by shooting in front of the rapper's Post Chastain address.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a group of nine people were returning from a birthday party at 3:40 a.m. when the shots rang out.

Police believe that the shooting was in retaliation after Da Brat allegedly attacked Rezue Robateue at the Chili Pepper night club in the Buckhead district. Da Brat was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Da Brat -- born Shawntae Harris -- was not injured, nor was she in the country when the drive-by happened. She was in Cancun, Mexico, working on her new video and gearing up for her tour with Mariah Carey.

Of the five people injured, only one had been released from Grady Memorial Hospital by Wednesday.