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Local births

Alta View Hospital-

BAEZ, Debra and Martin, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.BENSON, Sariah and Brian, Salt Lake City, girl, March 13.

BRUCE, Dawn and John, Lehi, girl, March 14.

BUTLER, Lisa, and MITTEL, Frank, American Fork, boy, March 11.

CREER, Elizabeth and Michael, Woods Cross, boy, March 14.

DOYLE, Tracy and Robert, Lehi, boy, March 13.

FLITTON, Heather and Benjamin, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

GARCIA, April and Ivan, Park City, boy, March 13.

IRELAND, Sarah and John, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

JONES, Jenny and Warren, Murray, boy, March 15.

KNIGHTON, Jacqui and Lincoln, Sandy, girl, March 13.

McCARTY, Yohanna and James, West Jordan, girl, March 16.

MEJIA, Eva and Cesar, Riverton, boy, March 16.

MELLOR, Nakole and James, Draper, boy, March 12.

MORGAN, Heather and Matthew, Sandy, girl, March 14.

NIELSEN, Shelley, and JOHNSON, Paul, Sandy, boy, March 13.

PORTER, Annie and Kenyon, Draper, boy, March 13.

RICHARDS, Rebecca and Mark, Draper, boy, March 15.

RIVERA, Amy and Troy, Sandy, girl, March 13.

ROBBINS, Kimberlee and Boyd, Sandy, boy, March 11.

ROOKNE, Nicole and Devin, Sandy, girl, March 16.

SIMMONS-HAKANSON, Nanette, and HAKANSON, Darren, South Jordan, boy, March 14.

STENBERG, Laurie and Scott, Salt Lake City, girl, March 14.

SUWINSKI, Annica and Christopher, Kearns, boy, March 14.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BRAMAN, Sharlet and Paul, West Jordan, boy, March 14.

HALL, Natalie and Jason, West Jordan, twins, two boys, March 13.

HUNSAKER, Melissa, and McRAE, Aaron, Magna, boy, March 13.

MAXWELL, Nicole, and BIANCHI, Anthony, South Jordan, boy, March 13.

NELSON, Angela and Kevin, Sandy, girl, March 13.

NUTTING, Jolynn and Jesse, Salt Lake City, girl, March 14.

SIMMONS, Heather and Dyke, Murray, boy, March 13.

VRANES, Kelly and John, Salt Lake City, girl, March 13.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Vicky and Thomas, Riverton, girl, March 12.

CRIDDLE, Emily and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

ESTES, Wendy and Stephen, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

HENSON, Claudette and Darryl, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

HILL, Laura and Matthew, Kaysville, girl, March 12.

HOSKINS, Jennifer and Chad, Roy, boy, March 12.

HUNT, Lesley and Paul, Sandy, boy, March 12.

LOPEZ, Tracy and Jacob, Magna, girl, March 12.

MADDOX, Michelle and Scott, West Jordan, boy, March 12.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

DEFA, Angela and Robert, West Valley City, boy, March 10.

DRAGE, Carey and Bret, Magna, boy, Feb. 29.

FLORES, Anita and Merari, West Valley City, boy, March 3.

GRUNIG, Natasha, and HOLM, Christopher, West Valley City, boy, March 5.

JAMISON, Permilla and John, West Jordan, boy, March 3.

LEE, Crystal and Dallas, West Jordan, girl, March 2.

LOBATO, Stephanie, Magna, girl, March 2.

MORZELEWSKI, Amanda and Todd, Taylorsville, boy, March 1.

PRYOR, Cherie, and SKADAL, Joshua, West Valley City, boy, March 11.

SANCHEZ, Torie and Johnny, Taylorsville, boy, March 2.

SEGURA, Tanya and Victor, Salt Lake City, girl, Feb. 29.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BAILEY, Lara and Dale, Sandy, boy, March 10.

BASSARAGH, Julian and Rohan, Salt Lake City, boy, March 11.

BELL, Crystal, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

BENTLEY, Toni and Jeffrey, Clearfield, boy, March 10.

BROWN, Rebecca and Scott, Tooele, girl, March 10.

BRYSON, Marnie and Marc, West Jordan, boy, March 12.

CLARK, Cathleen and Stuart, Magna, boy, March 10.

DENHAM, Linda, and HALL, Rocky, Salt Lake City, girl, March 12.

DURAN, Shelby and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, boy, March 10.

ECKERY, Kimberly and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, March 13.

EVANS, Sarah and David, Magna, twins, two boys, March 9.

FOX, Paula and Gary, Salt Lake City, girl, March 9.

GIER, Amber, and ROBINSON, Ebon, Salt Lake City, boy, March 9.

HANSEN, Kathleen and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, girl, March 10.

HAYES, Karla and Robert, Midvale, girl, March 11.

LIND, Tammy and Douglas, Midvale, boy, March 9.

LOPEZ, Angela, and TAPIA, Samuel, Salt Lake City, boy, March 9.

OLSEN, Lynette and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 10.

PEACOCK, Patricia and Jay, West Jordan, boy, March 9.

PHELPS, Catherine and James, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

PRINCE, Chantell, Tooele, boy, March 11.

SETTERBERG, Victoria and Troy, Riverton, girl, March 12.

SOSNOWSKI, Arlene and Peter, Salt Lake City, girl, March 11.

STUCKI, Nanette and Eric, Kamas, boy, March 12.

RODRIGUEZ, Laurel and Larry, Taylorsville, boy, March 9.

ROWLEY, Jillian, Magna, girl, March 11.

STEELE, Kelly and John, Kaysville, girl, March 9.

VIGIL, Michelle and Gilbert, West Valley City, boy, March 12.

WHALEN, Tauna and Timothy, Draper, girl, March 9.

WISSLER, Sirena and William, Sandy, girl, March 11.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital-

ABUNUWARA, Kimberly and Ehab, Orem, girl, March 5.

BLACKHURST, JoAnn, and LOSEE, Tyler, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 5.

BURNS, Barbara and Williams, Springville, girl, March 3.

COLLINS, Merilee and John, Orem, boy, March 2.

DEAN, Amy and Phillip, Orem, girl, Feb. 28.

EVANS, Lindsey and Derek, Provo, boy, March 4.

FAIRBANKS, Shannon and Justin, Lehi, boy, March 2.

FRANCIS, Dorothy and Robert, Orem, boy, Feb. 28.

GARCIA, Maria and Jorge, Orem, boy, Feb. 29.

HASKELL, Jennifer and Jason, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 5.

JAMES, Lori and David, American Fork, girl, March 1.

LUNT, Kimberly and Timothy, Lehi, boy, Feb. 28.

MASSEY, Heather and Douglas, Orem, girl, Feb. 29.

MAYNE, Sharidy, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 4.

MILLER, Erica and William, Provo, boy, March 1.

MILLETT, Kimberly and Michiel, Orem, boy, Feb. 28.

PARSONS, Karen and Matthew, Lindon, boy, Feb. 29.

PEW, Rachelle and Timothy, Cedar Hills, boy, March 5.

RENO, Karen and Daniel, Provo, girl, March 3.

SCHULZ, Lori and Jeffrey, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 1.

SERMON, Sally and Gabriel, American Fork, boy, March 5.

SMITH, Donna and Matthew, Provo, boy, Feb. 29.

SNYDER, Heather and Wade, Orem, boy, March 2.

SPERRY, Nancy and William, Provo, girl, Feb. 28.

TATE, Kaylyn and Aaron, Provo, boy, March 4.

WHITE, Richella and Michael, Bluffdale, boy, March 5.

WHITING, Tiffany and Nathan, Highland, girl, Feb. 28.

WENTZ, Autumn and Banner, Santaquin, girl, Jan. 31.

WILKINSON, Monti and Wayne, Orem, girl, March 3.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BURNS, Stefanie and Brian, Provo, boy, March 10.

FREHNER, Wanda, Orem, boy, March 9.

HARTVIGSON, Aubrie and Bretton, Provo, boy, March 9.

JONES, Rachelle and Scott, Spanish Fork, girl, March 10.

MANGUM Andrea and Rick, Orem, boy, March 10.

PALMER, Kammy and Hal, Blanding, twins, two boys, March 10.

PETTIT, J. Elisa and Keith, Orem, girl, March 10.

PICKERING, Heather and Paul, Payson, girl, March 10.

RENCHER, Kelli and Adam, Spanish Fork, girl, March 10.

RUFFELL, Barbara and Wallace, Springville, boy, March 9.

SORENSEN, Merri and Collin, Orem, boy, March 9.

SORENSON, Myra and Erik, Provo, boy, March 9.

TRIANA, Guadalupe and Alfredo, Orem, boy, March 10.

TWITCHELL, Leslie and Edrick, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 9.