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Ecology nuts do planet good

My compliments to Mr. Christensen for his extremely well-written comments on the selfishness of "ecology nuts." I am sure those people truly utilizes every tactic he mentions in his article.

I wonder if such selfish organizations would even exist if some men had not felt that the only good land is developed land. Would such organizations even be around if some men had not demonstrated that making a profit by satisfying the human appetite for luxury is more important than safe working conditions and water supplies? Is it more important than protecting diminishing natural resources or our children from unfair labor practices? Is it more important than poisoning the environment with radiation and toxic waste, which will not cool down in our lifetimes?I am not sure I like the tactics the radical extremists use, and I think in many cases they go too far, but I am glad there is someone out there selfish enough to fight against total development of our planet.

Fred Ash