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Gun show signs misleading

The Crossroads Gun Show promoter did it again. He not only flooded Ogden with illegal signs, he recently littered all of the northern Utah cities and highways. These were large orange signs that looked like construction and traffic warning signs. Even the color used is against the law. As many as four signs were placed at some dangerous intersections.

Crossroads changed the name and put Ogden Gun Show on all of the signs. This caused people to think that it was a Utah Gun Collectors (UGCA) show. The UGCA show has been known as the Ogden Gun Show for more than 35 years. This promoter has lined his pockets by confusing people and breaking laws. He hurts the image of gun owners.I reported him to the authorities in all of the affected cities and the Utah Department of Transportation. The cities removed most of the signs, and UDOT removed many along the highways and ordered the promoter to remove the rest immediately. By the weekend of the Crossroads show, most all of the signs had been removed, but he still benefited from two weeks of illegal advertising.

The Utah Gun Collectors Association is nonprofit and has used its funds to promote collecting, education, safety and protection of our Second Amendment rights. Since 1985, the UGCA has called its show the Ogden Golden Spike Gun Show, but most everyone still refers to it as the Ogden Gun Show. The next Golden Spike show will be in March. Watch this paper for discount ads.

Hope Bisbing

Brigham City