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Local births

Columbia Mountain View HospitalBAIR, Sarah, Provo, girl, March 10.

GULL, Karen and Chad, Salem, boy, March 10.

HACKNEY, DaNelle and Dustin, Price, girl, March 9.

HELVEY, Marianne and Christopher, Woodland Hills, girl, March 12.

HONE, Malesa and Earnest, Spanish Fork, girl, March 8.

KENT, Courtney and Kevin, Payson, boy, March 9.

LLOYD, Amy and Brett, Heber City, girl, March 11.

LOW, Joanie and Thomas, Provo, boy, March 9.

McKELL, Shauna and Jeremy, Payson, girl, March 7.

MENLOVE, Annette and Von, Payson, girl, March 12.

NEAL, Koree and Seth, Payson, girl, March 6.

RHODES, Kendra and Kody, Wellington, boy, March 7.

SMITH, Melissa and Cody, Spanish Fork, boy, March 9.

STUCKI, Melanie and Douglas, Springville, girl, March 9.

TITCOMB, Catherine and Kevin, Mapleton, girl, March 12.

WISCOMBE, Katrina and Clark, Mapleton, girl, March 10.

Cottonwood Hospital

DEARING, Angela and Chris, West Jordan, girl, March 15.

HAIR, Angel and Joel, South Jordan, girl, March 15.

JOHNSON, Becci and Ryan, Salt Lake City, boy, Marach 15.

JONES, Alicia and Trevor, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

JUDD, Linda and Michael, Riverton, girl, March 15.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

BRADFORD, Nicholl and David Jr., Roy, boy, March 10.

CHAPPELLE, Julie and Timothy, Layton, boy, March 9.

FIGGINS, Anna and Todd, Kaysville, girl, March 10.

FINLINSON, Heidi, Kaysville, girl, March 8.

GREGORY, Margaret, and LANE, Dennis, Clearfield, girl, March 8.

HACKWORTH, Emily and Jeffrey, Layton, boy, March 10.

HASSLER, Cynthia and Michael, Layton, girl, March 10.

HOUGAARD, Kristin and Derik, Layton, girl, March 9.

HYER, Shauna and Ryan, Layton, boy, March 7.

INGRAM, Ella and Samuel, Layton, boy, March 9.

JACKSON, Jennifer and Travis, Kaysville, boy, March 10.

JOHANSON, Susan and Michael, Clearfield, boy, March 7.

LAUER, Dawna and Jason, Kaysville, boy, March 9.

MILLER, Sherri and Keith, Roy, boy, March 10.

NIELSON, Jacqueline and Paul, Kaysville, boy, March 8.

PASSEY, Katrina and Tyler, Ogden, girl, March 10.

PATTEN, Margaretha and Travis, Clinton, girl, March 7.

PIERCE, Catherine and Benjamin, Hill AFB, boy,March 7.

SEIBOLD, Dariell and Travis, Clearfield, boy, March 8.

STEPHENS, Abby and Cole, Layton, boy, March 8.

THOMPSON, April and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, March 7.

LDS Hospital-

BAKE, Priscilla and Chris, Midvale, girl, March 15.

CHRISTIANSEN, Denice and Gary, Sandy, girl, March 15.

EVANS, Leah and Jeremy, Centerville, girl, March 15.

FONUA, Taina, and TAUATAINA, Manisela, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

GAMBLE, Lisa and Victor, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.

LAIDLAW, Jennifer and Patrick, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

PARRY, Pauline, girl, March 15.

ROWNTREE, Lynece and Jonathan, West Valley City, girl, March 15.

THOMPSON, Brandi and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.

WALKER, Cristen and Brandon, Farmington, boy, March 15.