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Utah Charters ILC banks

There are 28 ILC banks currently holding charters in Utah. Their holding company is in parentheses.

Advanta Bank (Advanta Corp.)

American Express Co.

American Investment Financial (Leucadia National Corp.)

Associates Capital Bank (AssociatesCorp.)

BMW Bank of North America (BMW Financial Services N.A. Inc.)

Coil Holding Inc.*

CitiFinancial Services Inc.+ (CitiGroup)

Conseco Bank (Green Tree Financial Corp and Conseco Inc.)

Escrow Bank (GMAC Commercial Holding Corp)

Fidelity Trust Co. (Fidelity Investments)

First USA Financial Services Inc. (First USA)

Franklin Templeton Credit Corp.* (Franklin Templeton)

GE Capital Financial (GE Capital)

LifeWist Financial Services Inc.*

Merrick Bank Corp. (CMS, LP.)

Merrill Lynch Bank USA (Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.)

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Bank Inc. (NOVUS Credit Card Services Inc. and Dean Witter) Paine

Webber Financial Corp.* (Paine Webber Inc.

Pitney Bowes Bank Inc. (Pitney Bowes Credit Corp.)

Providian Bank (Providian)

Republic Bank

Sears Saving Bank* (Sears Roebuck & Co.)

Transportation Alliance Bank Inc. (Flying J Inc.)

Universal Financial Corp. (CitiCorp)

United Services Automobile Association* (USAA)

Valley Loan Corp.+

WebBank Corp. (Rose's Holding)

Wright Express Financial Services (Wright Express Corp.)

* are inactive

+are operating but do not have FDIC insurance.