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Thunderstorms pummel Missouri, Texas

Thunderstorms damaged buildings and knocked down power lines from Missouri into Texas with wind strong enough to blow trucks off a highway and hail as big as baseballs.

No serious injuries were reported.Funnel clouds were spotted in parts of central Texas during the Sunday night storms, said Victor Morgan, fire marshal and emergency management coordinator for the town of Seguin.

"The storm was too thick and too fast for us to really see anything," Morgan said.

Winds estimated at 70 mph blew tractor-trailer rigs off Interstate 35 near Salado, Texas, according to the National Weather Service.

Scattered power outages were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Wind topped 85 mph in parts of Oklahoma, the Weather Service said. Authorities also said hail as big as baseballs fell in Pittsburg County, but no major damage was reported.

Funnel clouds were reported in Missouri, where wind up to 70 mph near Hallsville ripped roofs or siding off a dozen homes and snapped trees off at the base.