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Radio owner is hypocritical

It has been said that no man can serve two masters. Does this same principle apply to owners of radio stations? Recently 570-KNEWS changed its format and is now 570-KNRS, the "family values" station. A welcome change considering that before the change their nighttime talk show host, Phil Hendrie, was describing graphic sexual acts and promoting bigotry.

Has Clear Channel, owner of 570, gotten rid of this talk show host and embraced "family values"? The answer is no. Phil Hendrie hasn't left, he just changed addresses from Clear Channel's 570 to Clear Channel's KALL 910, the "radio station with an attitude."Do Clear Channel officials believe we are ignorant enough to praise them for promoting family values from of one side of their mouths while assaulting them out of the other?

Of course we want diversity and "family-friendly" radio stations in our community. What we don't want is radio that is used to degrade and dehumanize.

David and Wendy Jones

West Valley City