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Jazz game at a glance

Jazz 88, Knicks 79

Game 58: Sunday at Madison Square GardenAnalysis

NEW YORK -- Six first-quarter turnovers by the Jazz were enough to make Jerry Sloan turn over in his coaching seat.

Fortunately for Utah, the New York Knicks made 8 in that same opening quarter, allowing the Jazz to get the jump they needed in an 88-79 victory on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

"Turnovers was one of the things I was concerned about," Sloan said, "because when we went through the (late January/early February) stretch of when we lost those six games in a row, we averaged 5-to-6 turnovers a game."

That many in the first quarter, then, is really cause to flip Sloan over.

"We can't afford turnovers," he said, "because we're not physically strong enough to go out and make the other turn it over."

Unless they do it on their own, which -- much to the Jazz's benefit -- is just what the Knicks were doing. -- Tim Buckley

RECORDS: Jazz 38-20, Knicks 35-23

NEXT UP: Jazz vs. Cleveland, 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Delta Center

Three keys

John Stockton manages 12 assists despite Jazz's poor shooting

Karl Malone takes center stage, scoring 30

Knicks shoot less than 40 percent


"You guys don't see me that often, that's all." -- Karl Malone telling the New York media his 30-point performance Sunday was nothing extraordinary