1931 -- Originally built to serve as the student union building. (It was also home to a men's barber shop and women's hair salon; it boasted a cafeteria, ornate ballroom and an outdoor gazebo.)1943 -- The cafeteria was remodeled to function as a mess hall for Army personnel. The top floor was turned into offices for the ninth Service Comm and Personnel.

1948 -- The Utah Symphony was invited to makes its home on the university campus.

1955 -- The music and ballet departments occupied the union, later sharing the building's basement with KUED Channel 7.

1957 -- Gardner Hall was renamed the Music Hall, a name it retained until 1980, when it was changed to Gardner Hall after the university's 10th president, David P. Gardner.

1993 -- The music department moved out, and construction began. The old building was completely gutted, except for the ceiling and the north and south walls of the old ballroom.

2000 -- Gardner Hall renovation completed.