Max M. Brown of Sarasota apparently cavorts in an entirely different crowd of losers (gun owners) in Florida than the ones that I know living along the Wasatch front (Readers' Forum, April 14). Brown's "generalizations" about the zealot owners he knows are all early school leavers, suggesting to him that the more education a person is, the less likely he or she is to own a firearm of any kind.

As a concealed-weapon permit holder and longtime member of the National Rifle Association with a doctorate from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., not only am I among the losers who own several firearms, but most of my friends who own handguns also have graduate degrees (and concealed-weapons permits).And, I have owned a firearm since I was 12 years old when my widowed mother took me and my brother out in the fields of Idaho and taught us how to shoot pheasants with a single shot, 410-gauge shotgun.

So much for the Florida brand of empirical research.

Howard A. Matthews