Hiker, climber, skier, trekker, world traveler, author, artist, photographer, gardener, wife, mother, sister, and inspiration, Trudy Healy, age 84, left us on her last trip April 26, 2000.

Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany March 22, 1916, Trudy grew up in the Black Forest town of Baden-Baden, where she began hiking, and skiing at an early age. In l941 she immigrated to the U.S. to marry George W. Healy. They had six children whom Trudy taught to ski and hike as soon as they could walk. Trudy was well known and admired for her enthusiasm and energy running up and down mountains. She hiked, climbed, skied, and trekked, all over the world, active to the last. She traveled to Europe, Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, Patagonia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, and Egypt, as well as all over the US, in search of adventure. Her other interests and hobbies included birds and animals, architecture,(she designed two of the family homes), archaeology, music, marionettes, painting, weaving, and growing orchids. She published two books: A Rock Climber's Guide to the Adirondacks, and her life story, From the Black Forest to Tibet. She was the editor of Adirondack Peeks magazine for many years, and had articles, photographs, and drawings printed in numerous books and magazines. She was active in many hiking and climbing organizations, including the American Alpine Club, Canadian Alpine Club, Adirondacks 46ers(she climbed the 46 seven times), Wasatch Mountain Club, and Penn State Outing Club.Left to follow in Trudy's footsteps (as best we can) are her husband, George; offspring, Tom, Karen, Mike, Sandy, Susan, Steve; sisters, Hilde, Lotte; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild; Peaches, her Moluccan Cockatoo; and many friends and admirers.

Friends are encouraged to take a hike in Trudy's memory or donate to a hiking or environmental organization. Those interested in learning more about her remarkable adventures can order her book from www.handcarvedmenagerie.com. This notice was composed during a Trudy Healy Memorial Hike up Mt. Aire.