LOGAN (AP) -- The Logan Municipal Council voted 3-1 to place the issue of fluoridation of the city's water supply on the November general election ballot.

"If we put it to a vote, it would give the city the right to choose," said Logan Councilwoman Janice Pearce.Councilman Alan Allred dissented on last week's vote. He urged the council to table the issue for another week until implementation costs could be addressed.

But the time is too short and the issue too important, said Councilwoman Karen Borg.

"I have to consider how important the issue is," she said. "Is it as important as the Parks and Recreation General Obligation Bond? Yes. This is a public health issue. We need the next six months for education and open debate, not for spending it in a redundant process of petition."

Opponents of fluoridation disagreed, stating that if the public wants fluoride, it can put forth the effort to get it. "Let the people get together and do it by initiative," said Logan resident David Cox.

Fluoridation will be discussed Wednesday at a public meeting.