I find it incredulous that in less than a decade the American people have been duped into such a state of decadence that they are willing to sacrifice the Bill of Rights for mere licentiousness.

Under the tenure of President Clinton, lying has become an honorable virtue for public officials, and what was once the foundation of our nation in the Constitution has become nothing more than rubble to be swept out of the way for the next public opinion poll.The economy will wax and wane under any president's term of office for any given reason, but what will become of America when the next "down cycle" comes?

In order for any nation to stand under the trials of time, it must have a secure foundation. It seems that Americans have lost sight of the moral roots our Founding Fathers gave us and that the economy has become the "golden calf" in which they worship. Sacrifice our freedom, Americans seem to be saying, because the economy is doing well.

There is only one way that America is going to rebound from the "great backsliding" that has occurred in the past decade. Individual American citizens must repent from their foolish ways and return once again to shoring up our foundation of "One nation under God." If America does not repent and continues down the present path, America, "The land of the free," will cease to exist as we know it.

Ron Meachum