One wonders how much our citizens know about their political responsibilities. All political parties are private organizations. They have their own constitutions, bylaws, platforms and form of operation.

The last Utah State Republican Convention just demonstrates that rules are only as effective as those enforcing them.It was not a demonstration of the ineffectiveness of political conventions. An open primary would solve nothing and remove from a private organization the right of that organization to select its own representation.

It would be a more important conclusion that we need to improve at the grassroots level and in the choice of those elected to leadership.

One can only hope that the Legislature will not attempt to meddle in what is really a private affair that should be handled within the confines of each party. The redeeming value of conventions is the ability of those who really care to elect those they feel can best demonstrate what the party stands for.

I wonder how many people have read the the platform of the party of any candidate whom they have voted for. If you want to improve the conventions, then go to your precinct meetings, get elected as a delegate, then run for a leadership office and make the changes as allowed by your party constitution.

It would be refreshing to see people taking part in the political process instead of complaining about it.

Marden R. King

West Jordan