What's happening with the U.S. Summer Olympic sports:Archery

Team motto: We don't do apples

Comment: Team: Janet Dykman, Karen Scavotto, Denise Parker; and Vic Wunderle, Rod White and Butch Johnson.


Team motto: We don't need bigger rackets

Comment: Only one athlete, Kevin Han, has qualified. It's possible a woman and a men's pairs team still could qualify.


Team motto: John Rocker isn't one of us

Comment: Pro players will take part for the first time. The 24-member U.S. team will be chosen later this summer.

Basketball (M)

Team motto: Wake us when it's over

Comment: The men's team will train in Hawaii for about 10 days, Aug. 25-Sept. 3. Followed by an exhibition in Tokyo.

Basketball (W)

Team motto: Australia ain't so tough

Comment: The 11-woman roster of WNBA stars will train Aug. 14-19, then begin exhibitions in the U.S. and Australia.


Team motto: Are left-handers called northpaws Down Under?

Comment: In camp at the OTC this week, the 12-man team takes on Ukraine in an important dual meet next week.


Team motto: There's more to us than Lance Armstrong

Comment: The Olympic cycling team (27 cyclists in all three disciplines) will be announced throughout July and August.


Team motto: No cannonballs, headfirst all the way!

Comment: The trials are June 20-25 in Seattle. Synchronized diving is making its debut in Sydney.


Team motto: We always win at H-O-R-S-E

Comment: The husband and wife team of David and Karen O'Connor are on the short list of Olympic candidate.


Team motto: We really know how to carve Thanksgiving turkey

Comment: Iris Zimmerman is a lock for the foil team. The team will be announced after the U.S. Nationals on July 7-9.

Field Hockey

Team motto: Better luck next time

Comment: The U.S. did not qualify a men's OR a women's team.


Team motto: Don't eat that - whatever it is!

Comment: For men and women, the U.S. Nationals are July 26-29 in St. Louis and the U.S. Olympic trials are Aug. 15-20.


Team motto: Hong Kong Phooey is our hero!

Comment: The United States has qualified athletes in every Olympic weight class.

Mdn. Penthalon

Team motto: We do half as much as the decathletes - sort of

Comment: A refresher: This event includes swimming, running, fencing, horseback riding and shooting.


Team motto: Please! No more "Row, row, row your boat."

Comment: There are two trials, the first of which starts today in Camden, N.J. The second trials is Aug. 9-14.


Team motto: We're better sailors than Gilligan

Comment: The U.S. has qualified boats in 10 of 11 categories. The U.S. Olympic Sailing Team trials are underway.


Team motto: Go ahead - make our day!

Comment: USA Shooting has a two-part trials process; the second part runs June 21-July 1.


Team motto: We (women) are the champions

Comment: The U.S. men qualified by placing second qualifying tournament the women with the 1999 World Cup title.


Team motto: We play with bigger balls

Comment: The team (5-0) started its 31-game "Central Park to Sydney" tour last Friday, defeating the Florida Wahoo.


Team motto: Bring on Ian Thorpe

Comment: The U.S. Olympic trials are Aug. 9-16 in Indianapolis. The next meet is June 15-18 in Charlotte, N.C.

Synchronized Swimming

Team motto: All together now....

Comment: The national team placed fourth in April at the World Cup in Sydney to qualify for the 2000 Summer Games.

Table Tennis

Team motto: Don't say pingpong

Seven Americans have qualified for doubles and singles competition.

Tae Kwon Do

Team motto: Giving new meaning to the phrase, "Foot in the mouth."

Comment: The U.S. will send a full four-member squad to Sydney.

Team Handball

Team motto: Gee, Sydney looks really nice - on TV

Comment: The U.S. did not qualify a men's or a women's team.


Team motto: We'd rather win Wimbledon

Comment: U.S. Olympic team members are based on world rankings as of July 10.

Track & Field

Team motto: There's more to us than Marion Jones and Michael Johnson

Comment: The U.S. team will be selected at the Olympic Trials, held July 14-23, 2000, in Sacramento, Calif.


Team motto: Sharks don't think Americans taste like chicken

Comment: Six members, the maximum attainable by any country, have won their slots to represent the U.S. team.


Team motto: Up and over

Comment: The men's and women's teams, both of which train at the OTC, will be selected sometime before Aug. 15.

Water Polo

Team motto: No, we don't use horses

Comment: Both the men's and the women's national teams have qualified for the Olympic tournament.


Team motto: Yes, it's pretty heavy

Comment: The team trials are July 22 in Westwego, La. The team will be represented by two men and four women.


Team motto: Right Guard should be our sponsor

Comment: The U.S. Olympic team trials are June 22-24 in Dallas.