WARREN, Mich. (AP) -- The man who Grammy-winning rapper Eminem allegedly pulled a gun on for kissing his wife has sued the musician, saying he still fears for his life, days after the confrontation.

John Guerra said Friday, "It was the scariest moment of my life."Guerra's lawsuit, which seeks an unspecified amount in damages, accuses Eminem of hitting him in the head and face in the June 4 encounter. Guerra alleges that the rapper told him twice "I'm going to kill you" as they struggled for control of the gun, which wasn't loaded.

County prosecutors charged Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, with carrying a concealed weapon and assault with a deadly weapon, both felonies.

Guerra told reporters that he was on the receiving end of the kiss from Kimberly Mathers, which he described as "rather intimate."

"We were embracing. She gave me a kiss and the next thing I hear is 'Gun, gun, gun!' " Guerra said.