LONDON -- Police raided the kitchen of Buckingham Palace and found a small amount of marijuana, Scotland Yard said Saturday. No arrests were made.


TAIPEI -- A strong earthquake shook central Taiwan today, causing rock slides and injuring more than 20 people, officials and seismologists said. No deaths were reported.


CALGARY -- Anti-trade protesters who targeted the World Trade Organization and the Organization of American States in recent months were preparing to disrupt a World Petroleum Congress meeting that begins in Calgary today, police and activists said.


BAGHDAD -- Iraq on Saturday accused the United Nations of mismanaging billions of dollars in revenues from the oil-for-food program, saying the money could have been well spent combating the country's drought.


KISANGANI -- Ugandan and Rwandan troops fought street battles and traded artillery rounds in this Congo River port on Saturday, as U.N. military observers tried to secure yet another cease-fire.


ALEKSINAC -- Vowing to prevent further wars in Yugoslavia, an army general and several officials on Saturday marked the first anniversary of the end of NATO's 78-day air attack in this mining town, where Allied bombs killed 19 civilians.


GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN -- A train climbing up Germany's highest peak, Zugspitze Mountain in the Bavarian Alps, collided head-on with another train Saturday, injuring dozens of tourists.


RAMIYEH -- A team of United Nations and Lebanese officials verifying Israel's troop withdrawal from southern Lebanon on Saturday worked slowly along the international border, despite pressure for a speedy conclusion.


TEHRAN -- Iranian hard-liners are expanding a crackdown on the pro-democracy movement to include student activists, a board member of Iran's largest student organization said Saturday.


NAZRAN -- Chechen guerrillas attacked Russian positions in Chechnya six times overnight, the military command said Saturday, while police in the capital Grozny searched for gunmen who killed three Russian medical specialists.

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO -- President Chandrika Kumaratunga eulogized her slain minister of industrial development Saturday, as government jets and artillery bombarded the rebels believed responsible for his slaying.


BOGOTA -- A suspected right-wing death squad shot and killed seven civilians in southwestern Colombia on Friday night, local media reported Saturday.


KABUL -- The ruling Taliban criticized the United States and Russia on Saturday for considering new U.N.-sponsored sanctions against Afghanistan, which it said was suffering enough from drought and war.

South Africa

CAPE TOWN -- A car bomb rocked a Cape Town cafe on Saturday night, injuring two people, just three weeks after police defused a device at the same location.


MEXICO CITY -- Authorities recovered the bodies of two people who drowned in the Rio Grande just yards from U.S. border agents in a dramatic scene captured on Mexican television, the media reported Saturday.


PARIS -- The speaker of France's National Assembly on Saturday slammed the death penalty in the United States and said one-time Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal should not be executed.