This is in response to the recent letter submitted to the Deseret News titled, "Stop attacks on W. Jordan."

I was rather startled to see the West Jordan Historical Museum mentioned in reference to West Jordan's Mayor Donna Evans. The museum is a registered 501 3c nonprofit organization, independent of the city of West Jordan. Any work, materials or manpower that have been contributed by the city or its employees have only been given with the full prior knowledge of the City Council. The museum has a legal contract with the city, voted and ratified by the council, that stipulates which services are provided by the city and which by the museum.

The senior center, which was also mentioned, is a city entity; it is funded by both federal and city monies. City employees are utilized to improve and maintain the center for the well-being of our seniors. It is my understanding that the conflict regarding the women's sanctuary is not questioning whether the sanctuary is a worthy cause or if it benefits our community. I understand the issue to be work that was completed at the sanctuary without prior City Council approval.

Mayor Evans has tried to be very supportive of the museum, as have several council members and other city staff. I am hoping that the museum will be a pleasant and positive experience for members of our community. I chose to write this letter so there will be no misconceptions regarding the status of the museum or the city's involvement therein. All labor, materials, etc., not specifically stipulated in our contract that have been used to improve the city-owned property for the museum have been donated by citizens, local businessmen and tradesmen.

We are very grateful for the support and enthusiasm shown to the museum by our community, council, mayor and others.

Robert Dalley

West Jordan