DALLAS (AP) — A 15-year-old girl who suffered from asthma was trampled to death when security officers used Mace to break up a fight at a teen party and several hundred revelers fled.

The girl, Mayere Tilmon, fell down stairs early Sunday while she and others were running from the altercation at Don Carter's All Star Lanes-West, police said. Three other partygoers were injured.

Off-duty officers hired as security guards had tried to break up the fight in an upstairs area leased for the party at the popular teen hangout, police said. But some partygoers assaulted the officers, and one sprayed Mace for protection and to end the fight, police said. Tilmon's mother, Marietta Allen, said her daughter may have had an asthma attack before she fell under the stampeding partygoers. The medical examiner said the girl suffocated.