Flick Trix Finger Bikes give a new meaning to having fun at your fingertips.

These miniatures have been taking the toy world by leaps and spins, according to Adam Beder, vice president of licensing at Spin Master Toys.

"We've had a 400 percent increase in sales since Christmas," Beder said during an interview from his office in Toronto. "They have been taking off like a storm."

Toy Master came up with the idea after seeing the success of finger-size skateboards.

"We came up with the Finger Bikes about a year ago," Beder explained. "After the skateboards, we saw a huge trend in finger play and wanted to do something unique. And one of the most logical trend in the extreme sports is BMX bike riding."

However, just having small-scale, die-cast iron BMX replicas didn't get Beder too excited.

"So the engineers designed the bikes with real working breaks, cranks and changeable parts," Beder said. "Then we went one step further and actually approached the top BMX bike companies and inquired if we could include brand names and other logos on the toys."

Huffy, Diamond Back, Mongoose, Redline, Standard, Hoffman and DK agreed and licensed their logos and designs to Spin Master.

"We didn't know what to expect," Beder said. "But we finished up last October, just in time for the Christmas run. And the bikes became one of the top toys in the industry."

To date, more than 5 million units of Finger Bikes have been snatched up by the public.

Mike Minohaun, director of the Toys R Us in Sugar House, is familiar with the Finger Bikes, which sell at $5.99.

"They sell well," Minohaun said during an interview at his office. "All the stores in the valley have them, and they are very popular. They've hit a note with the other mini-extreme sports toys."

Minohaun said along with the bikes, the accessories are selling well.

"The company came out with miniature ramps and platforms," he said. "In addition, each of the bikes come complete with an extra set of mag rims, a U-lock, which can be used as a display stand, and a tire tool."

"We've been coming up with different accessories from day one," said Beder. "The half-pipes, ramps, bowls and platforms can be connected to make different BMX parks. And we've also come up with a shop stand and carrying case."

Beder said there are already plans for a new line of Finger Bikes.

"We're also going to be releasing snowboards, inline skates, monster trucks and motocross toys in a few months," he said. "We're hoping they do as well as the Finger Bikes."

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