It's official. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan says rising U.S. worker productivity has made room for faster growth without inflation. Does that mean no interest rate hikes in June? Unsure, the ponies galloped on. It was 30-year T-Bond holding on to first despite an $18 loss to $11,110. On the inside, 90-Day T-bill remained in second, up $11 to $10,254. Money Market was in third, gaining $12 to a few pennies under $10,254. In fourth, EE Bonds moved up $11 to a present worth of $10,247. Lipper Mutual stayed in fifth, gaining $5 to $9,870, and Gold hung onto sixth, moving up $102 to $9,575. Lipper International was in seventh, down 38 cents to $9,301, and Silver was not far behind in eighth with no gain and lots of pain at $9,282. NASDAQ fell $100 to $9,099, and Blue Chip brought up the rear, down $107 to $9,063.