TBLISI, Georgia — Contestants in a Georgian beauty contest for people over 90 delighted judges Saturday with talents ranging from pumping iron to riffing on the saxophone.

The pageant was staged by Savane, a senior citizens organization in this nation of rugged mountains and hardy elderly. The contest was open to both sexes, and seven men and seven women participated.

Among the top crowd pleasers was centenarian strongman Pavle Abuladze, who lifted two 26-pound weights 10 times.

The retired physician credited his good form to moderate eating and a daily glass of red wine, a Georgian specialty.

Musician Vano Garsevanishvili, 92, played his saxophone, which he said had been given to him in 1945 by future French President Charles DeGaulle. Garsevanishvili said he had participated in the French Resistance after being taken captive by the Germans during World War II and escaping.

Bagdo Idonishvili, 106, was the oldest participant. She sang and wore traditional Georgian dress, as did most of the participants. Others recited poetry.

Instead of choosing one winner, the judges gave all of the participants $25, food and medicine.

"They are all beautiful and fascinating," said actor and audience member Boris Tsipuria.

Another contest was planned for later this year, in which old folks from all over the Caucasus Mountains region will be eligible to compete.