EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Police fired beanbag rounds and arrested at least 22 anarchists who took to the streets after smashing an effigy of a police officer.

Marking the anniversary of a 1999 anarchist riot here, about 80 anarchists marched through downtown Eugene on Sunday evening.

Dozens of officers in full riot gear broke up a crowd of anarchists playing a game of "Red Rover" in the street, firing several beanbag rounds from shotguns before dividing the crowd into smaller groups.

The arrests began moments after the anarchists yelled "Red Rover, Red Rover, send the fascists right over."

At least 22 people were arrested, according to Eugene Police Lt. Rick Siel. Most were charged with disorderly conduct; some remained in custody overnight.

The march on downtown Eugene came after more than 400 protesters calling for an end to capitalism gathered in a park and smashed a dummy of a police officer with potatoes, skateboards and their feet.

Earlier, a dozen anarchists using papier-mache puppets re-enacted violence that erupted a year ago during an anti-capitalist march.

Eugene, about two hours south of Portland, is considered headquarters for Oregon's anarchist movement — which was involved in the December riots in Seattle during the meeting of the World Trade Organization.

For the past few days, the Eugene anarchists have staged events to commemorate the 1999 march, which erupted into clashes with police.

Nineteen people were arrested after anarchists staged a rally to "reclaim the streets" and then went on a window-breaking rampage.

On Saturday night, police arrested 40 anarchists who took to the streets after watching a video of the WTO riots in Seattle.

In Sunday's puppet show, staged in the park where rioters were tear gassed last year, anarchists holding puppets representing police officers shouted at a half-dozen other anarchists, who responded by hurling rocks at the puppets. One was singled out and destroyed.

"The cops have made it clear that it's not Nazi Germany, but its still a police state," said Zack Cox, 19, of Redding, Calif.

Anarchists oppose capitalism and promote a utopian society having no government that is made up of individuals who enjoy complete freedom.

Eugene has a reputation for being liberal, but many here think the anarchists go too far.

"For years, the violent protesters have invalidated everything the others stand for and it's created an atmosphere of paranoia among Eugene citizens and police — and it's all adolescent angst," said Damon Dedeaux, 29, of Eugene.

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