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‘God’s Army’ is misleading

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As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was highly offended by the movie titled "God's Army."

The movie, rather than representing the lives and missionary work of thousands of wonderful young men and women of this church and their mission presidents, who spend several years of their lives serving others and teaching as well as living the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, learning to live close to the Lord's spirit, created a distorted and perverted impression that our mission field is composed of gruff, unfeeling, military-style mission presidents, overseeing emotionally disturbed young men and women, who come from failed, broken and abusive homes and spend their time flirting with one another and their missionary contacts as they find themselves.

The film was a mixture of sacred priesthood and personal spiritual experiences, too sacred to include in a film, some nice conversion stories and scenes of scantily clad prostitutes and their sexual equipment on their bedroom walls, partially undressed boys sitting on toilets pulling pranks on one another, a baptismal scene in which the baptized girl's dress was somewhat revealing, the most spiritual young man flirting with his mission president's wife who was three times his age, to name some of the extremely distasteful and offensive scenes.

Again we have another film in circulation that will give nonmembers in both the Christian and non-Christian segment of our country an incorrect impression of the LDS Church.

Susan Maxwell