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Ask fluoridation questions

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The fluoridation debate brings many questions to mind. Perhaps the issue could be discussed with more civility if additional information were available. For instance:

What percentage of the water supply is consumed as drinking water? We obviously don't need medicated water for lawns, sewers, laundry, cars, industrial usage, etc.

At what age do children benefit from fluoride? What percentage of the population are children within that age bracket?

What is the correct dosage of fluoride needed for healthy teeth? How can the dosage be measured if it is administered through the water? How much water does a child need to drink to get enough fluoride? Is it possible to get too much fluoride?

Fluoride is available in measured dosages for those who want to use it, in drops and chewable tablets. A prescription is required from a doctor or dentist to obtain fluoride. How can this controlled substance be administered to the general public without a prescription or consent?

Will other groups campaign for their medications to be added to the water supply? We pay for several prescription medications needed for our health. Shouldn't each family be responsible for its own medications?

Is it fair, logical or legal to force everyone to participate in the program when so many object to it? Will we be swayed by "everyone is doing it" or will we become informed and decide for ourselves?

Gail Peay