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Utah firms warned of new fax scam

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Utah businesses should be on the alert for a phone scam involving a phony gun survey, the Better Business Bureau of Utah reports.

The survey, sporting a headline "One Million Mothers, 4,000 Dead Children, or the 2nd Amendment," is sent by fax by a company known as 21st Century Fox, which has shown a history of profiting from emotionally charged issues, the bureau said.

According to the bureau, the fax offers two 1-900 toll numbers where surveys can be returned at a cost of $2.95 a minute. Depending on the speed of the fax machines, the cost can be in the $6 to $9 range.

"A small price to pay for democracy," a line reads on the survey.

Only problem, that's not what you're paying for, explains Russ Behrmann, Utah Better Business Bureau president and CEO.

"The promoters are getting rich off hot-button issues," Behrmann said in a bureau press release. "This is not a legitimate, scientific public-opinion survey. It's a money-making scheme, and we'd urge citizens truly interested in democracy to express their opinions directly to their elected officials."

The 21st Century Fox company, which claims to reach 3 million faxes in its offers, is the same one responsible for a fax scam known as the "Yummy Yum Yum Diet Program," according to the bureau.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission and British authorities receive continual complaints against the company, the bureau reported.