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Applying the scriptures: ‘Yagottawanna’ live the gospel

SHARE Applying the scriptures: ‘Yagottawanna’ live the gospel

At the April 1991 general conference, Elder Jack H. Goaslind, who was then Young Men general president, told of having seen a young man wearing a T-shirt from a bygone youth conference with a strange word printed on it: "Yagottawanna."

Elder Goaslind said that when he asked the young man to explain the word to him, the youth gave him a "you gotta be kiddin' " look but condescended to answer anyway. "Yagottawanna," the youth explained, "means that you have to want to do something before you will do it."

"Of course, I knew that all along, but it was good to hear him say it," Elder Goaslind said, explaining that this is a distinguishing quality of a young man of Christ.

Keeping morally pure was but one of the desires attached to the "Yagottawanna" principles Elder Goaslind spoke of in his conference address. Of this, he said:

"I want to especially emphasize one important desire you should cultivate. 'Yagottawanna' keep yourself pure and free from immoral conduct. (See Alma 38:12.) You can control your passions. I hope you will cultivate the desire to honor young women. Elder M. Russell Ballard told us during [October 1990] general conference that young women want to be treated with courtesy. The standards outlined in the pamphlet For the Strength of Youth are of great value. These Church standards will become your standards when you really cherish them, when you feel something about their value and when you act in accordance with them. Yes, 'Yagottawanna' live these standards."