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Wright was best Republican

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To all those who found themselves disgusted with their choices in the Republican primary in the 2nd Congressional District, I remind you that there was a legitimate alternative not too long ago.

Before he lost at the state convention on May 6, Jeff Wright, a man of genuine integrity and political understanding, was seeking the Republican nomination.

In a surprising vote in which Jeff came in third place to both Merrill Cook and Derek Smith, many of us in attendance were amazed at the delegates' lack of foresight in their choice. Fittingly, it was at this same convention that our laudable governor and senior senator were met with catcalls and booing from many of the disrespectful state delegates.

It's truly unfortunate that 2nd District Republicans were forced to decide between these two candidates. I hope we realize that we shot ourselves in the foot when we didn't choose Jeff Wright to represent the Republican Party at the state convention. I'm confident that he would not have stooped to the same childish actions of name-calling, personal attacks and whining that both Merrill Cook and Derek Smith have sunk to these last few weeks.

In some ways, though, it's quite fitting that this year's childish state delegates got exactly what they deserve in both Derek Smith and Merrill Cook. I only hope that we have learned from our mistakes and will now make the necessary changes so that next time honest and intelligent men like Jeff Wright are chosen to be our candidates.

Cody Stewart