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Hatch deserves our support

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I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor by Robert Higginson. Why are some people so anxious to do a "hatchet job" on Sen. Orrin Hatch without doing some research to find out the truth?

This is what I found: As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, it is his job to review the situation for any company who wishes to extend its patent. In this case, the Sherring-Plough Company, who makes Claritin, a well-known allergy pill, elected with approval from the FDA to withdraw its product from the market to do further research to make its product better. By doing so, the company lost two years of its 14-year patent time. Sherring-Plough asked for a review of its patent status so the company can recoup the two years lost.

It is part of Sen. Hatch's responsibility to oversee the intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights and patents, but he has not and will not accept money from them for his campaign. He is a man of great integrity.

In 1984 he wrote a bill that created the modern-day generic drug industry for senior citizens, saving us $10 billion a year, and is now working to further reduce the cost for us seniors. Sen. Hatch needs all the support we can give him. Thank the Almighty for Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Fonda Fairbanks