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Don’t wear cut-up flag

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In keeping with observance of Independence Day, I would like to voice a concern. Recently, I attended a concert at a high school and saw a person in the audience dressed in a shirt that had red and white stripes mixed with white stars on a navy blue background. It looked like the American flag had been cut up and sewn into an ordinary piece of clothing. I assume the person wearing it felt very patriotic.

I have seen the same thing on pants, dresses, hats and shoes. Are people who claim to be good American citizens so naive? It does not show respect for the flag to have it cut up and pieced together. It should be flown or displayed in an attitude of reverence, with the dignity that reminds us of the many lives that were given in bringing and maintaining freedom for America and its people.

Readers please help restore our flag to its proper place. Please help stop the improper trend of using the flag pattern for clothing.

Jane Hogan

Fruit Heights