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Does Curtis merit re-election?

SHARE Does Curtis merit re-election?

I am a resident of Legislative District 49 in which Greg Curtis is running for re-election to the state House of Representatives. It has come to my attention, by way of an article that appeared in the Deseret News dated June 15, that Rep. Curtis, who was city attorney for West Jordan, resigned.

According to the article, Norm Riggs, a resident of West Jordan, said, "We need to now get organized and control our spending. Spending has been out of control, and we need to be more frugal in the city."

The article further indicates that a nearly yearlong investigation by the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office concluded that no laws had been broken, but the city was sloppily managed."

If Curtis was involved in sloppy management practices, as the news article implies, is he worthy of the trust and confidence of the voters in District 49? To me, his competence is clearly in question.

Richard Wright