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Fall is inevitable for Rocky

SHARE Fall is inevitable for Rocky

It is fascinating to listen to Mayor Anderson's friends describe him;

He is not abusive; he is demanding.

He is not ideologically rigid; he is principled

He is not obsessive; he is hardworking.

He is not unbalanced; he is focused

He is not a zealot; he is committed.

Semantics hide many faults (but only temporarily).

Mayor Anderson destroyed a deal to place the Utah Art Museum downtown because he "didn't like the process" (the process was fine, but the mayor wanted to vindictively punish people), but he will completely ignore public process when advancing his own left-wing ideological jihad. Only a zealot could claim his cause is so noble that it is worth usurping the democratic process.

Mr. Anderson talks of open government but has worked behind the scenes to dismantle plans that were advanced via public process. Only a zealot would claim his concepts are so noble they don't need public process.

Mr. Anderson naively believes he can help some businesses by overtly hurting other businesses. Only a zealot can argue that capitalism (or basic economics) is inconvenient to the noble goal of a centralized economy.

The mayor seems more interested in high-profile photo opportunities and smoke-and-mirror politics than actual substance or managerial competence. The point is not to actually save money but to look like you are cheap. The point is not to honestly accomplish diversity but to merely be "politically correct." The point is not to actually help the city's economy but to merely play to the basest fears of the masses (Boyer bashing).

Eventually the bubble will burst and truth will reveal itself as it always does.

John Heath

Salt Lake City