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2,730 killed in Chinese coal mines in the first half of 2000

SHARE 2,730 killed in Chinese coal mines in the first half of 2000

BEIJING (AP) — Accidents in China's notoriously dangerous coal mines killed 2,730 miners in the first half of 2000, state media reported as the government renewed calls to improve safety.

The death toll, while still high, is 8 percent lower than the casualty count from the first half of 1999, the Beijing Morning Post and other newspapers reported Wednesday.

Zhang Baoming, a coal industry official, deplored the unsafe conditions at the mines. Although deaths declined overall, he noted that accidents in small mines killed 126 miners, double last year's figure, the reports said.

Zhang, speaking at a national conference on coal-mine safety Tuesday, promised a more thorough inspection of all coal mines. He also said he would shut down those mines that cannot meet safety standards, the newspapers said.

Rapid development and lax enforcement of rules, often by poorly-funded local governments, have helped make Chinese mines and other work sites unsafe. Fires and explosions are reported almost weekly.

A fire in a mine in western Gansu province killed 17 workers on Sunday, the Yangcheng Evening News reported in its Tuesday editions. The brief report said a truck hauling ore from the mine caught fire, causing the deaths.