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Local births

American Fork Hospital-

BONNETT, April and Scott, Provo, boy, June 15.

EDWARDS, Brandy Lynn and Jeremiah Alan, Riverton, boy, June 15.

FOSTER, Debra Lynne and Samuel Clay, Elk Ridge, girl, June 15.

LAMONT, Brooke Michelle and Matthew Neil, American Fork, boy, June 15.

NIELSON, Jennifer and Asa Brent. Provo, girl, June 15.

OLSEN, Melinda and Nathan Eugene, Lindon, boy, June 16.

PETERSON, Viktoria Linnea and Kurt Randall, Provo, boy, June 16.

SORENSON, Heather and James, West Jordan, girl, June 6.

STEVENSON, Nanette and Jared, Orem, boy, June 15.

WELCH, Karen Judith and Von Fred, Highland, boy, June 16.

WILKINS, Heather Mariie and James David, American Fork, girl, June 16.

Columbia Mountain View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Patricia and Philip Russell, Spanish Fork, girl, June 18.

BELK, Laura Ann and Mark Carl, Payson, girl, June 15.

CARSON, Christina and Camaron, Provo, girl, June 13.

CLIFFORD, Andrea Pearl and Casey MIchael, Springville, girl, June 14.

COOK, Kara Lee and Chad Edward, Price, boy, June 15.

FARNSWORTH, Kristen Lee and Chip T., Spanish Fork, girl, June 15.

GALURA, Kamala and Edgardo, Mt. Pleasant, girl, June 16.

GRANT, Megan Jean and Adam Michael, Provo, girl, June 15.

HUTCHINGS, Stephanie and Kelly Farrell, Springville, boy, June 17.

KINDRICK, Kristie Lin and David William Jr., Provo, girl, June 18.

KING, Kristy Ann, Springville, boy, June 14.

KULA, Makeleta Taua and Mana Tanaki, Orem, girl, June 15.

MALM, Marlene and Eric Eli, Payson, girl, June 13.

NEILSON, Julie Ann, Provo, boy, June 13.

PHALP, Elizabeth and Tyson Taylor, Orem, girl, June 15.

RASMUSSEN, Tanya Elizabeth and Geoffrey Darwin, Provo, boy, June 16.

SANDERSON, Kellie Ann and Justin Bryant, Salem, boy, June 16.

SCOVILLE, Kimberly and Scott Regan, Spingville, girl, June 13.

SEEGMILLER, Mary Shareece and Daniel Paul, Provo, girl, June 14.

SHERMAN, MIsty Marie, Payson, boy, June 18.

SPENCER, Kriestin Jade and Chanse Richard, Springville, boy, June 18.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

BARRACLOUGH, Shelice Ann, and LAMB, Jeffrey Scott, Centerville, girl, June 28.

BARRUS, Kamie and Jason Wynn, Layton, girl, June 27.

BARRUS, Kristin and Brad Wood, Centerville, boy, June 28.

BELNAP, Tina Marie and David Oscarson, Layton, boy, July 29.

BIGELOW, Karen, West Valley City, girl, June 27.

BROWN, Ellyn and Michael Shane, Clearfield, girl, June 27.

BROWN, Rebbecca and Scott James, Layton, boy, June 28.

GOULD, Jill Colleen and Mark Douglas, Hill AFB, boy, June 29.

HAYCOCK, Crystal Dawn and John Roland, Layton, girl, June 29.

JONES, Jana and J. Clark, Fruit Heights, boy, June 29.

KNIGHT, Shirley and James William, Layton, boy, June 27.

LLOYD, Nichol and Wade Frank, North Ogden, boy, June 29.

OVIATT, Jenna Marie and Jared Scott, Farmington, girl, June 28.

PADILLA, Laura Elizabeth and Eugene Matthew, Sunset, boy, June 29.

PERINO, Nina Lynn and Ronnie Lee, Hill AFB, girl, June 29.

POKUA, Margaret Abena, and BOATENG, Samuel Mensah, Layton, girl, June 27.

ROBISON, Sunni BreAnne, Roy, boy, June 27.

VAUGHAN, Hillary Denise and Brian David, Layton, girl, June 27.

WARD, Gina and Timothy Neal, Clearfield, boy, June 28.

WESSAL, Irene Lynn and Hessam, Clearfield, girl, June 28.

LDS Hospital-

BYARS, Jonelle and James, Price, girl, July 4.

DIEDERICH, Karalyn and Howard, Salt Lake City, boy, July 4.

GROSE, Julianne and Joel, Salt Lake City, girl, July 4.

JOHNSON, Lisa and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, July 4.

MATANGI, Feofaaki and Kolamini, Salt Lake City, girl, July 4.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital-

BRAMWELL, Kierstin Lynn and and Brent Stoker, Provo, girl, June 20.

BURR, Celeste Marie and Dustan Tyler, Santaquin, boy, June 19.

CONNELLY, Terrilyn and Jay Scott, Orem, boy, June 21.

DAVIS, Diana and David Kenneth, Highland, boy, June 18.

DAVIS, Stephanie and Michael Arlin, American Fork, girl, June 20.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

AARON, Sandra Lee and Bart Raman, Orem, boy, June 23.

ANDERSON, Diane Campbell and Travis, Tenney, Provo, girl, June 21.

BERSIE, Stacie Ann and Michael Arthur, Orem, boy, June 23.

BLAKELY, Tiffany Michelle and Dean Lester, Spanish Fork, boy, June 21.

COCHRAN, Nina Sue and Terral Lane, Provo, boy, June 21.

DRAPER, Christine and David L., Payson, girl, June 21.

FREEMAN, Anelisa and Daniel Ryan, Annabella, girl, June 23.

GLASGOW, Jennifer and Robert Eugene Jr., Provo, boy, June 22.

HAKALA, Monique Erin and Tim Theodore, Provo, girl, June 23.

HANKS, Heather Anne and Keith Michael, Provo, boy, June 23.

HENLINE, Melayne, and SNOW, Joshua Matthew, Spanish Fork, girl, June 23.

HENRIE,Deborah and Nathan Lynn, Provo, boy, June 22.

HILLAM, Melody Marie and Todd Douglas, West Jordan, girl, June 23.

HULSE, Heather and Benjamin, Mapleton, boy, June 21.

JENSEN, Kathleen Ann and Glen James, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 22.

JOHNSON, Heidi and Darrin Clark, Provo, girl, June 22.

JOHNSON, Marcy and Aundra L., Mapleton, boy, June 23.

JOHNSON, Myra Leigh and Grant Brian, Lindon, boy, June 21.

LAUSSEN, Ala and Michael, Provo, boy, June 22.

LEWIS, Malynda Kaye and Brent Donald, Payson, boy, June 22.

LEWIS, Natausha and Justin Barton, Provo, boy, June 23.

PACKER, Lisa and Chipman Wade, Orem, boy, June 21.

PALMER, Anna Sophia and Eric David, Provo, boy, June 23.

PARKER, Michelle and Chad William, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 21.

RITCHIE, Sarah and Joseph Allen, Provo, boy, June 22.

ROBERTS, Allison and Joshua Ryan, Orem, girl, June 21.

SANDERS, Lori Dawn and Ryan David, Provo, boy, June 23.

SIDES. Jana and Terry Michael, Highland, boy, June 23.

SMITH, Jenny Lee and Michael Wes, Orem, girl, June 23.

SORENSEN, Gayla Irene and Anthony Kyran, Spanish Fork, boy, June 22.

VOGEL, Paige Marie and Allan Todd, Spingville, girl, June 20.

WHEELWRIGHT, Ramela, and SMITH, Ronald Bryan, Payson, girl, June 21.

WELLS, Kirsten Ann and Daniel Whitney, Provo, boy, June 21.