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Motel owner upset over new bus rule in Nauvoo

Neighbors accuse him of violating their agreements

SHARE Motel owner upset over new bus rule in Nauvoo

NAUVOO, Ill. — The City Council unanimously passed an amended version of a bus route ordinance Tuesday that restricts bus access to the Nauvoo Family Motel.

The 5-0 vote took place after Alderman John McCarty told fellow City Council members that motel owner Kay Walker hadn't complied with an agreement reached with neighbors.

The ordinance also applies to Illinois 96, the historic areas operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints and several parking lots. The original bus route ordinance confined bus traffic and parking to certain areas of Nauvoo.

The three streets surrounding Walker's motel were taken off the route, however, after a debate in which he accused an adjoining property owner of creating a controversy over the buses that use his parking lot because an offer to sell her property was refused.

Neighbor Bev Reynolds said she was shocked at the accusation.

In a letter, she had asked for an nuisance ordinance be drafted to deal with exhaust fumes and the noise of buses idling for as much as three hours at a time.

McCarty quoted from a list of items he said Walker agreed to, including a 15-minute limit on the time a bus can idle and restrictions on where buses can load, unload and park.

Walker admitted he hadn't provided the list to bus drivers because he wanted to have his attorney review any list of rules before he issued it.