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Utah Section PGA Assistants

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MIDWAY, Utah — Results from the 2000 Utah Section PGA Assistants held at the Mountain State Park golf course. The first round was held on the Lake Course and second round on the Mountain Course.

1, Glen Spencer, 140; 2 (tie), Scott Eerling, Jon Fister Sr., Mark Owen, Marty Romney, 141; 6, Corey Monsen, 142; 7 (tie), Brett Glaser, Rick Roberts, 143; 9 (tie), Allen Enochson, Jim McGregor, Robert Wright, 144; 12, Todd Mullen, 145.

Women's Tourney

MIDWAY, Utah — Results from the Homestaed 4-women team tournament.

First Flight Gross

1, L. Poffenberger, K. Fenwick, L. Minhondo and C. Pruyne, 141; 2, T. Hansen, R. Roach, F. Howard and M. Norman, 144; 3, D. Naylor, A. Smith, A. Bassett and N. Allred, 151.

First Flight Net

1, G. Adams, C. McClurg, S. Beveridge and J. Hughes, 120; 2, J. Billings, S. Turner, T. Shields and Y. Brydenstenn, 125; 3, G. Osterich, S. Mongold, K. Galle and T. Marti, 126.

Second Flight Gross

1, S. Garcia, S. Calten, P. McCleary and C. Johnson, 157; 2, C. Dee, L. Peterson, J. Lolly and M. Nay, 160; 3, L. Piper, S. Carter, C. James and C. Linstrom, 163.

Second Flight Net

1, L. Greer, C. Nelson, N. Doyal and C. Childs, 122; 2 (tie), S. Eastman, L. Hutchins, J. Brisk and J. Rosth; L. Antorino, C. Kunz, L. Minor and E. Jarice, 124.

Third Flight Net

1, L. Yack, P. Poole, J. Stockham and B. Long, 152; 2, B. Wheat, D. Keller, J. Ernst and J. Clapier, 167; 3, T. Davis, G. Davis, J. Underwood and B. McKay, 178.

Third Flight Gross

1, K. Bushnell, M. Guest, T. Guest adn S. McNiel, 120; 2 (tie), N. Griffith, E. Cherry, J. Griffith and C. Thompson; K. Warner, S. Evan, L. Whitlock and M. Bennett; J. Dalton, C. Mellersky, J. Bridgeman and A. Williams, 130.