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Separate incidents hurt 2 in Rush Valley

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Two employees were injured Tuesday in separate incidents at Deseret Chemical Depot in Rush Valley, Tooele County.

And the depot announced that a liquid leak of about one teaspoonful of blister agent H from a bulk container was identified in the depot storage area. The chemical leak was not related to the worker injuries, officials said.

Lee Lemon, 44, Tooele, suffered heat stress about 12:45 p.m. during a briefing in Building 1810. He was transported to Tooele Valley Medical Center for observation. He was later released, according to Jon Pettebone, depot public affairs officer.

About an hour later in the same building, Joe Nelson, 40, also of Tooele, suffered a concussion when he hit his head in a fall. He was also taken to the medical center where a CT scan was taken. Nelson fell from 6 to 10 feet.

Jean Miner, head nurse at the medical center, confirmed information supplied by the depot public affairs office on the two men.

The storage area where the chemical leak occurred is adjacent to the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility where munitions are being demilitarized.

Pettebone said the bulk container was in an earth-bermed bunker. As a result of monitoring, it was determined that there was an agent leak inside the bunker. A trained team of workers, wearing protective gear, entered the bunker and proceeded to segregate and sample containers until the leak was identified. Corrective measures were taken on the container to stop the leak. Blister agent H is a mustard-type chemical and would cause severe burns if an individual came in contact with it. It would be lethal if fumes from the chemical were inhaled by someone, Pettebone said.