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Open house on urbanist village set

See plans for Centerville project Thursday night

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CENTERVILLE — City officials may be on their way to approving a new urbanist village project for the heart of the city, but not before giving residents a chance to see the plans.

The public is invited to an open house Thursday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the council chambers to review the results of a six-month study on a proposed master plan to build a new urbanist village in the city, which would be one of the only projects of its kind in the state. The city hall is at 250 N. Main.

With $30,000 of grant money from Envision Utah and the Quality Growth Commission, Centerville enlisted the aid of California planning consultant Peter Calthorpe to come up with a master plan for the area east of the Target and Home Depot stores on 400 West and Parrish Lane.

"He has a national reputation," said Paul Allred of the city planning commission. "He's like a land use planning guru."

The city once considered rezoning the land for apartments but instead decided to look into a mixed-use project. Calthorpe has designed a European-like village with retail stores on one level with apartments above them, Allred said. With that kind of setup, a shop owner could live above his store.

A planning commission subcommittee, consisting of planning commission members and residents, has been looking over the plans over the past six or seven months to study density, open space and land use issues.

"(The group) studied the whole idea of whether we want a mixed-use . . . when to build what . . . how do we handle this type of development," Allred said. "The committee generally was in favor of an urban village."

The committee's findings as well as Calthorpe's master plan for the village will be on display Thursday night for the public to ask questions and make comments before the land is rezoned and the process of approving the project begins.