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Will ACLU accept my help?

SHARE Will ACLU accept my help?

I have decided to join the ACLU. No, actually I have decided to become a leader in the ACLU.

Most likely, they are not going to be particularly happy to have me as one of their leaders. I am, after all, a white, male Mormon. I have a wife that I like, six kids, and I attend church regularly.

I am not exactly their poster child to be sure, and they would probably be rather hesitant to assign me to be their orientation director or let me be the local liaison with their national headquarters.

I wonder if they will think that since I don't exactly fit their mold, why should they have to let me be one of their leaders. Are they afraid that my ideals would somehow be contrary to theirs? That I might not exactly espouse their agenda? That I might be a bad influence on their younger members?

It is, after all, a free country, and they are a nonprofit organization whose only goals are to help us maintain our freedoms. Surely they would let me be an unpaid leader who just wants to be helpful.

I guess I will give them a call and see what they say.

Robert Price

Salt Lake City