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Firings show bad leadership

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As I read the Associated Press article, "Another staffer fired by Salt Lake mayor; fifth casualty so far," it appeared that a little housecleaning was going on. Then I read that Mayor Rocky Anderson had personally appointed four of the five that he fired.

Mayor Rocky has only been in office since Jan. 3. It appears that some of those fired did not agree in April with Rocky wanting to invoke attorney-client privilege about a spate of executive orders the mayor signed in April. The firings came shortly after that and just before this privilege was invoked. What is it this beacon of openness wanted to hide from the voters?

He personally hand selected four of the five staffers for qualities that only he predetermined because as Mayor Rocky (appears to be appropriately named) hand selected four of the five he has fired. That in itself says much about his capabilities to manage. He has reverted from being mayor to attorney as it fits his needs.

Similarly, the West Jordan mayor, Donna Evans, has broken all of Rocky's records by personally firing nine of her staff members through actual firings, forced resignations, and according to the paper, three who just walked out of a recent City Council meeting and wrote out their resignations on the first piece of paper in sight. Recently, the Deseret News reported that a 16-year West Jordan employee, City Recorder Rori Andreason, also resigned. Mayor Evans will not have her record broken even if it means dumping more. Four in one week says all that needs to be said about true leadership.

Perhaps Mayor Rocky and Mayor Evans may someday find that the best business and government runs better when there is not always 100 percent agreement. Someone who brings out opposition to that which is being questioned causes all to take a second and third look for the final solution.

Gregory Johnson

West Jordan