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Beat summer heat with 3 cool games

Play with water, ice sure to make steamy days nice

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Whether organizing a family reunion at a lake, a picnic at a neighborhood park or a backyard barbecue, hot summer weather can affect even the best-planned party. Here are three fun game ideas that will ensure a cool party in spite of the heat.

Wading-pool kickball

You will need: eight or more players, barefoot and in bathing suits; three small, plastic, inflatable wading pools filled with water; and one sturdy, plastic kickball. Place the wading pools at first, second and third base. Divide into teams and assign positions (first, second and third base, pitcher, etc.). Play normal kickball, except make slides and splashes in the pools as you run from base to base.

Water-balloon toss

You will need: two or more players and water balloons. Divide into teams of two. Players stand facing each other and toss a water balloon from one team player to the other team player. After each toss, each team player takes a large step back. The object of the game is to see how many times the water balloon can be thrown without breaking. Dispose of balloon pieces properly.

Ice meltdown

You will need: two or more players and one ice cube per player. (For teens and adults, larger chunks of ice made in pint-size milk cartons are especially fun.) The object of the game is to see who can melt his or her ice cube the fastest. The ice must be touching the player's body at all times until it's completely melted. However, you can't melt the ice in your mouth!

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