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Maestro says music bridges generations

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His orchestra's musicians are between ages 12 and 25, but Daniel Barenboim doesn't feel old.

"I feel exactly this age, not older," the 57-year-old maestro said. "The young people are possessed by a passion for music, and I am, too."

Barenboim, music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and artistic director of the Staatsoper Berlin, is back in Weimar, Germany, for the second year in a row conducting the West-Eastern Divan Workshop.

The project brings 82 young musicians from Israel and several Arab countries to Germany for two weeks, ending Sunday, to play together and get to know each other.

It takes its name from the "West-Eastern Divan," a 19th-century book of poems by Goethe, Weimar's most famous son and an admirer of Islamic culture.