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Egyptian quintuplets small but OK

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CAIRO, Egypt — A 30-year-old Egyptian woman who had been treated with fertility drugs gave birth to quintuplets, and a doctor said Thursday all five babies were remarkably healthy.

"God has willed that all of them are in good condition, none of them needed any extra help" beyond a stay in a five-baby incubator because of their low weights, said Dr. Maha Farid.

Farid, who helped with the Caesarian delivery Wednesday, said she expected the three boys and two girls to survive.

The mother, Azza Mohammed Mahmoud, was also doing well, but said she was "shocked" and that her family would need help to raise the babies — boys Mohammed, Mahmoud, Hassan and girls Shrouk and Donia.

Her husband, Gamel Hassan Ahmed, 29, is a poorly paid factory technician, she said.

Before the delivery, doctors had detected only four babies. Their mother, a homemaker, said she had hoped throughout her pregnancy that doctors were wrong and that she would only have twins.

Quintuplets usually face health problems because they are often born prematurely.

The babies' weights ranged between about 2 pounds 10 ounces to about 4 pounds. Farid said she expected the quintuplets to reach normal weight and be able to go home in as little as two weeks.

Mahmoud said she took the drugs "because I wanted to have children like any other woman. It is too late to regret now."