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Rocky behaved like a boor

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I found Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson's behavior last week at U.S. English's press conference completely boorish. For the mayor of Utah's capital to behave in such a manner was an embarrassment for the entire state.

As a husband of an immigrant and a father of bilingual children, I still think the proposition is necessary, but that's another issue. Regardless of one's position on the matter, interrupting someone else's press conference is no way for a public official to behave. I disagree with many of the mayor's positions, believing they are harmful for our community, but this does not mean that I go and interrupt his press conferences. A society, let alone a government, cannot function in such a manner.

Protest on the streets if one feels so inclined, heckle others when they walk by, but don't interrupt their right to make a public statement to the press, to exercise their freedom of speech; otherwise chaos will reign. Civilized discourse cannot take place in such a manner — press conferences are simply not a good forum for debate.

Rocky needs to grow up and act like the statesman that the mayor of Utah's most prestigious city is supposed to be.

Chris Herrod