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Rail car sparks series of fires from 3600 to 4500 South

SHARE Rail car sparks series of fires from 3600 to 4500 South

SOUTH SALT LAKE — A Utah rail car travelling southbound on tracks near 300 West and 3600 South sparked a series of fires that continued to 4500 South Thursday night.

"There weren't any structures involved," said South Salt Lake Fire Battalion Chief Kent Robertson.

However, crews spent 2 1/2 hours fighting and mopping-up the grass fire so it wouldn't spread to nearby, heavier materials , smoulder and possibly start a more hazardous fire, Robertson said.

"We had quite a few different agencies playing tag with it," Robertson said, including crews from South Salt Lake, Murray and Salt Lake County, who fought the eight fires along the strip.

Robertson said these fires are common. The train "probably got a brake stuck up against one of the metal wheels, which causes sparks to shoot off," can set the nearby brush and grass on fire, he said.

Workers at Roper Yards, a switching yard in South Salt Lake, said they saw the train. However, officials fighting the fire never caught up to it, Robertson said.