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Legal immigrants respected

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I would like to disagree with John Robinson's article (Mexico, on the road to reform, deserves respect, July 8, 2000), where he chastises Utahns for not treating Hispanic immigrants in a friendlier manner. The kind of treatment that Mr. Robinson expects should be reserved for those who are here legally, which are a minority. It's a well-known fact that most illegal immigrants are a heavy imposition on our tax system (education, welfare, and judicial burdens).

I am a legal Hispanic immigrant who had to go through a rigorous examination to be allowed to come to the United States. The laws are designed to ensure that the new immigrants will not become a liability to our society or carry communicable diseases. Unfortunately, this administration's irresponsible policy of open borders has encouraged illegal immigration. The Elian Gonzales incident was a clear example of such a reckless policy.

Americans are the most caring, fair-minded, and generous people in the world. I have been the recipient of their love, and so has every nation on the earth in times of need. I strongly resent Mr. Robinson's insinuation to the contrary. As an American and an Utahn, I demand an apology.

Syomara Marinaro

American Fork